Kathleen Burkinshaw Visits RMS

E. Taylor, Reporter

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On May 16, 2019, author Kathleen Burkinshaw visited Robertsville Middle School to talk about the story behind her book The Last Cherry Blossom. The book is about Burkinshaw’s mother who survived the bombing of Hiroshima, her home town. Burkinshaw’s book starts several months before, however, so the reader could learn about Japanese culture and compare how the Axis children were similar to the Allied children. Burkinshaw talked about how she originally just talked to 7th graders because that’s when her daughter was learning about the civil war. Burkinshaw’s daughter wanted her classmates to learn about the kids under the mushroom cloud instead of just admiring the mushroom cloud itself. The whole reason this started was because these kids would be about 12 years old and would be America’s future voters, so Burkinshaw’s mother wanted these people to know the effect that the bomb had on people in the bombing area and how their lives drastically changed. Burkinshaw’s mother also wanted them to choose peace over war or violence in the future and wanted everyone to get along. In the end, Burkinshaw told a little bit about how her book came to be and why it came to be.

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