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Field Trips

Cassie King, Reporter

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Although we don’t have a set number for field trips it seems as if we never go on them. Typically each grade level gets one or two field trips per year.

“We have had to be more creative in how we schedule field trips. With mandates in place regarding field trips by the state it certainly has put a damper on more field trips for students. In 8th grade I still conduct the Williamsburg trip but instead of taking 3 days out during the school year I’ve had to push it to after school is out which definitely hurts who can go on the trip due to conflicts that come up with the start of summer vacation,” says Mr. Hinton.

A huge problem is money. “If people that could cover the cost would, we might have more field trips,” says Ms. Campbell.

At the start of the year we were requested to give fees, those fees help cover some the field trip cost. The largest issue is transportation. If we, the school, had more money than we would probably go on more school field trips. We get a lot of money from the PTSA, student council, and grant money that helps us go on trips, but all of that is not always enough. In the end it all comes down to money.

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Field Trips