Sports at Robertsville

Jahnney Cantrell, Reporter

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In a poll taken by 75 students, 31 students stated their favorite sport as one that Robertsville doesn’t have.  The question is, is this number enough to make Robertsville add another sport to the program? Many think Robertsville should add more sports. A 6th grader at Robertsville said, “I feel like I would get more out of school if I had more sports choices to choose from.” A lot of other kids feel like sports is a big part of their middle school education and that having more choices would help them want to be in more clubs and be social.

Do all students feel this way? No, some feel as if adding new sports isn’t necessary. Two football players, Reagan Madden and Cobe Walls stated that “they’re big sports for a reason.” Adding new sports would take away from the budget of other sports such as football, basketball, and cross country/track. Mr. Lay, the new principal, stated that “I think Robertsville has a great sports program…….I do not plan to add any new sports.” Which side are you on ?

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