Should the Fifth Grade Restrooms Be Renovated?

Maggie Trabalka, Reporter

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Many students seem to be complaining about the 5th grade/ lobby bathrooms next to the gym, and many people are wondering if we should improve them. I had the chance of interviewing many of the students at Robertsville as well as our very own principal, Mr. Adams, about this issue.

The interviews started with Mr. Adams. The questions started with ” Do you think we should improve the bathrooms?” He replied by stating that because the school had already spent so much money last year on the older 6th, 7th, and 8th grade bathrooms that we shouldn’t think about that right now, but he may consider it in the future.

Next, many Robertsville students were interviewed. 8th grade students Dana Smith, Amya Smith, Spencer Webb, and Will Ward and 6th grade student Caitlyn Smith all agree that the bathroom should be improved.
They all agrede that the gym lobby bathrooms are disgusting and dirty, the doors are too short and they don’t close all the way, and that there is stuff all over the floors. 8th grader Will Ward commented, “They need to be fixed up, and the 5th graders need to be more polite to the bathrooms.”

In conclusion, many people have confirmed the opinion that the bathrooms are disgusting and in need for some improvement. Perhaps this will be considered in the future.

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