Pull Forward

Lexie Carroll, Reporter

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The morning drop off line at Robertsville has caused major problems for many students. Many parents overlook that you are supposed to pull up all the way to the sign when dropping off their child(ren), and this has made an impact on some students’ tardies. Staff members have even had to stand outside in the mornings to direct the cars forward. I had the chance to interview many 8th grade students on this issue.

Most of the students that were interviewed said they usually arrive at school anywhere from 7:15 to 7:25, but there are times in everyone’s life when you are running a little late and do not arrive until 7:30 or 7:35. You would hope that you would maybe still have time to make it into the building before the bell, but it seems like the line hardly moves. This is because everyone is disregarding the fact that they are supposed to pull forward to the sign. When asked if the line had ever made her tardy, Emily Clark said, “ I have been late so many times because of [it].”

In an interview a parent said, “It gets frustrating having to wait behind people who stop at least three car lengths from the sign. If students would remind [parents] that they are supposed to pull all the way forward, maybe the line might move a bit faster.” This is a very good point; there may be parents that forget or do not know about this rule. Bryson Caldwell even stated he has to remind his mother sometimes.
We as students could solve this problem ourselves; this is a situation where you do have some sort of power. Remind your parents to pull forward in the drop off line to help others.

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