Gay Straight Alliance Club in RMS????

K.L., Reporter

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The Goal of the Gay Straight Alliance is to create a safe and welcoming environment for all members of the LGBT community. Many people in this club or community participate in campaigns for awareness like the Day of Silence and National Coming out Day. As of 2008 there are over 4000 GSAs and GLSENs. GLSEN stands for Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

Many kids at Robertsville agree that we should have a GSA. In a tally of eighteen students at Robertsville 5 said we should not have a GSA 1 was unsure and 12 said we should have a GSA.  Beth Barnes says, “We should have a GSA because gay people have the right to be in society too.”

Many students live in fear of discrimination. Having a GSA would encourage them to come out and it would be a safe place for them. If we create a safe place for these kids maybe there will be fewer suicides in the LGBT community. So let’s help them be more comfortable and develop a GSA. Jada White says, “I think GSA is important for gays because it rest assures them that they will be safe and not alone.”  In our interview with the new principal we asked for his opinion on having a Gay Straight Alliance.  He says, “I think all people should be treated in a respectful manner no matter their choices.”

Though many people support the development of this club others do not. Carlos says, “We are too young to know our sexuality yet.” Some cons of this club would be that the kids still get bullied. Other cons would be protests on the school.

Hope of a GSA club and a better future keeps alive as people fight for gay rights.

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