Resch Donates Hair to Locks of Love

Rachel Resch, Reporter

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If you look at the school you notice that many girls have at least shoulder length or even longer hair. To most girls, having long hair is wonderful. With long hair, the girls can pull it back into braids, pigtails, ponytails, buns, hair knots, and so much more.

So imagine having hair so long that it touches the top of your bottom. Well that’s how long this reporter’s hair was.  If you haven’t guessed it already, my name is Rachel Resch and I am an eighth grader. Most of the eighth grade students know who I am because of my long hair.

My hair was my pride and joy. I spent hours brushing it to make sure that it grew strong and healthy. I started growing it out towards the end of my fifth grade and I never cut it. My hair made my family and friends happy. I loved getting compliments on how long it was. I even swore that I would never cut it until my senior year of high school.

Then one day it dawned on me that my hair was taking up too much time, energy, and money.   I had to wash it every night. It took hours to dry and during the summer my hair was hot. Soon I couldn’t take it anymore. Also my friends told me that my hair kept hitting them in the face. I decided that my long hair was too much trouble.

After talking about cutting my hair to my family and friends and getting their opinions, I decided to cut my hair short and give all the hair away to Locks of Love. I was super excited and couldn’t wait to see my new haircut.

What happen was my hair person separated my hair into four sections. The required length hair to give to Locks of Love is ten inches. The length of my hair that I gave away was twelve inches. So picture my hair when the sections were cut. All together there were four sections of twelve inch hair. My hair no longer touched the top my bottom. Instead my hair reaches my neck.

I loved giving my hair away to Locks of Love. My reason for giving my hair to Locks of Love was that my hair would be used to help those who had little to no hair at all. It made me feel happy that my hair would be used to help those who needed it more than I did. In my opinion I think that anyone who has long hair should at least be willing to give away ten inches to help others who need it.

After all giving your hair away to a good cause would not only make you feel good, but you would also be helping others.

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