TCAP Test-taking Tips

Brett Baucom, Reporter

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Soon coming to Robertsville Middle School is TCAP. The TCAP is an end of year test that is required by the State. This test is a very important test. Some may stress or freak out but it is nothing to really be scared of. Here are some steps you could take to prepare yourself for the test, and to complete the test with ease. Get a good night’s sleep, eat breakfast, stay on task and try your best.

One major thing you could do to prepare yourself for this very important test, it would be rest and get a good night’s sleep. Without sleep your brain works at a slower pace than a normal well rested brain should. With that being said in order to be ready for the test you should always get a good night’s sleep. Maybe it will help you out on the test, it can make a big difference so try it out this year and see how it works for you.

Next up on the list is, eat a good breakfast. Eating also makes the brain work better. Ever heard someone say your brain needs brain food?  Well it’s true the brain works off of food and runs a lot better when you have had a good breakfast. Having said that if you eat a good breakfast and then you have had a good night’s sleep then those two combined can change the possibility of you having to take the test and it feel a lot smother to you and your brain.

Last but not least you should try your best and stay on task as best as possible and maybe things will go better for you. They did for me. If you take your time and read the answers and questions smoothly and clear then you will have a better chance of scoring a higher score on the test.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and maybe you will come out with a better score like I did! It helped me and I now feel better about myself getting good scores on the test, judging by my past while taking the TCAP’s. They may just help you like they did me.



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