Video Games Review: Black Ops 2

Ryan Armstrong, Reporter

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This review will be split into three parts due to the three features of the game



In this portion of the game, gamers play as multiple different characters, switching between the future and the past. For the future section of this game, gamers will play as David Mason, the son of former protagonist, Alex Mason, as well as the leader of a special operation force from America. David is tasked with the capture of a terrorist leader, Raul Menendez, someone responsible for sending the entire world government in pandemonium. In the portion played in the past, gamers will play as both Frank Woods and Alex Mason, as gamers themselves learn the back story of the new story line.

In this new campaign, gamers can experience a brand new feature in the first person shooter universe. Decisions can be made from level to level that will ultimately change the outcome your game. Be them minor, or big enough to deserve a cut scene, it is extremely enjoyable to leave a personal mark in this immense game series. Overall Black Ops 2 has created an intuitive story mode and accomplished another title of intense first person shooter action.


This portion of the game is comprised of gameplay for the masses. Having no correlation to the campaign feature, this section of the coding is just for people to get together and play for as long as they want. Divided into different types of games, the menu is easily navigated and the games are almost never ending. Some of these features can differ from single player, where the gamer is by their self and can fight for the world leaderboard, or team play, when players form teams to fight against opposing gamers from around the world. From custom to public, I found that having a time so fun that hours melted into minutes was almost the easiest thing in the world. A great game was made better through the internet and the ability to connect to anyone in the world, but for some people this is not enough. Lucky for them there is one last mode.


For this set of game options, gamers are set against the undead horde and forced to fight for their lives. However, to revamp the already previously incredible zombie mode, Treyarch made the all-new feature of travel in gameplay. This allows for players to move to locations and take refugee from the undead horde in new locations, not being cramped to the same map. Also, as bonus, there is a crafting feature allowing gamers to find objects in gameplay and create new weapons to destroy the undead beasts. It is an incredibly addicting feature and creates an even bigger boost to a game that is already very good.




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