Twins at Robertsville

Kayelon Graham, Reporter

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Everyone wants to be a twin. Twins get to be together every second of the day. We have many sets of twins at our school. Apparently, it is not at all that people think it is. It turns out that twins are even closer than most regular siblings are.

“It’s almost the same as a regular sister, but we are a lot closer and we fight a lot more,” says Chatelaine McBroom.

Twins also have a lot in common. When interviewing them, they had most of the same answers, such as when I asked them, ‘what annoys you about when people ask questions about being a twin’, they all answered, “Which one is which?”
When asking them if they enjoy being a twin, most of them said yes. Although, there are some annoying perks to being a twin.

“I hate it (being a twin) because you have to share everything with them,” says Summer.

Can you imagine having to share everything with your older or younger siblings? Twins overall are your best friends, they are with you through thick and thin and will always have your back.

“My sister is my best friend. Yes, we fight and get in arguments, but at the end of the day, you always make up. Being a twin is the best thing that has happened to me. I love my twin sister and I know we will be best friends until the end of time,” says Kalonji Graham, my twin.

To sum it up, being a twin is more awesome than not. People think twins are just two people who look alike, but really, we are each other’s best friends, enemies, personal therapists, and supporters.

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