Renegar’s Ramarooo!

Dahllia, Reporter

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Recently, there have been some questions about Ramarooo since we have a new principal. The principal who originally ran Ramarooo was Mr. Adams, whom we lost to a Chattanooga school system. There was also a planning committee that has also since departed Robertsville. Now that Dr. Kirk Renegar has taken the place of our past beloved principal, he has enlisted the help of some of Robertsville’s very own teachers and the school board to introduce to you the RAM RELAYS!

I recently did a interview with Dr. Renegar and asked why he thought that the kids at Robertsville would support this field-day of sorts and he had this to say: “I have done this in all of the other schools where I have worked, and it seemed to please the students pretty well. I hope the students enjoy it as much as they did.” As the quote suggests, and as I saw for myself, Dr. Renegar is confident in this idea and is absolutely ecstatic about announcing this new Robertsville tradition.

However, some people have some different opinions on the Ram Relays. When asked what she thought of the Ram Relays, Halie Campbell of 8th grade said,” I don’t really wanna run. I wish he would just let it be a music festival again.”

As a new addition to the RMS traditions, it is bound to have some negative feedback, but that isn’t all. Latalyah Sanders of 8th grade said this regarding the Ram Relay: “It seems like it might be fun, depending on how people respond — by overdoing it or getting mad over something that isn’t that serious.”

Most kids wouldn’t really be too thrilled about being outside for too long, but I think that the more athletic kids will enjoy it. Depending on how it goes, this may just be a lasting tradition for Robertsville. Get ready for the RAM RELAY!

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