Kitts Represented RMS at State Bee

Bumpkins, Reporter

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Recently, an 8th grade student at RMS made it to the Tennessee state geography bee. Matt Kitts is an eighth grade student at RMS and has participated in the school-wide bee for four years and has won all four years. Unfortunately, Kitts has never won the state bee.

Last year, Kitts made it to a tiebreaker to the finals, but sadly he lost in the tie breaker. This year, Kitts was eliminated in the preliminary. His performance in the school bee was exceptional, but unfortunately the state bee was too much for our resident geography expert.

Kitts has advice for up and coming geography gurus. “Definitely if you enjoy geography try out for the Geography bee,” Kitts says. Unfortunately, this was the last year for Kitts to try to get to nationals, as the Bee only stretches from 4th to 8th grade. It is an untimely end to such an impressive era.

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