End of year pool party

Jocelyn Flores, Reporter

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At the end of every year,  we have a pool party to celebrate the survival of said year. If you ask anybody in the school, it’s one of the main reasons people look forward to the end of the year so much, considering that it’s definitely not testing they’re looking forward to. As you all know, we have a brand new principal this year, Dr. Kirk Renegar, who so far has made very many changes and reshaped the school. What changes may or may not be made to our tradition of splashing in the Oak Ridge pool as a way to send off another year of school? Will any changes be made? Will the party even happen?

The student body as a whole loves the end of year pool party; it’s a reward for doing well throughout another year of learning. The ability to splash around on a nice, summer day is the best possible way to send off a school year. Student Nicklas Mittletsat commented, “I love the end of year pool party because I get to hang out with all of my school friends and go swimming, before being able to say goodbye to the school year,” Opinions are only good when it comes to the celebration, and the school as a whole anticipates its arrival every year. How the tradition started is unknown to me, but whoever started it deserves an award for best tradition ever.

Now, Dr. Renegar’s opinion on the pool party. He says that he “can’t wait for it. It sounds like a very fun day and a great way to end our school year.” He seems almost as excited for it as the students are! I asked him a few more of the school’s hot questions, because we were all wondering. We will be allowed to have our phones, just not out, so bring a bag with you if you want to have your phone! There is no regulation of bathing suits so you can wear whatever bathing suit you like, though common sense begs that it be decent. If it rains, sadly there will be no alternate activity, so everybody cross your fingers that we have sunny weather! There arent’ going to be any citizens from the city allowed into the pool, just Robertsville students. I’m sure we’re all slightly relieved, because it would be too packed to move if not. Finally, there WILL be teacher chaperones, so don’t get any funny ideas under the water!

I’m happy to answer the questions that we all have about our wonderful tradition, and we’re all holding our breath and counting the seconds until that wonderful day (June 4) comes, where we can send off another year by spending a hot day in the cold Oak Ridge pool, splashing the day and school year away.

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