14th Annual Showcase of Stars Set for May 10

Lauren Upham, Reporter

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A talent show: exhilarating, fun, and thrilling. People of all types can come together to exhibit their skills. Being on stage is an exciting experience that many people adore. If you’ve performed and enjoyed it, just keep on reading.  Even if you haven’t, you could have a shot at getting involved in being on stage. Now here comes the good part: you’ll have the opportunity to enter and perform in a talent show here at Robertsville Middle School!

Now, you may be convinced that you don’t have a talent. This is a common thought that discourages people from entering. However, you most likely do have a talent or two, but not a common one. Despite the way you perceive this, auditioning with a unique talent is actually encouraged!

“We want to encourage people to have a variety of acts. It’s not just singing and dancing, but also instruments, acting, martial arts, etc.,” states Ms. Kinder, one of the organizers of the show.

What should I do to enter and prepare? You might be wondering.

First of all, you need to decide on your act. Whatever it may be, it should be well organized. You will be required to prepare a snippet of your performance to provide at auditions. This should give a good idea of what your act will be like. Keep it interesting and compelling. Each student who wishes to enter will be given a specific slot of time to audition within a two day period.

Applications for the fourteenth annual show are available in the office. The deadline for applications is Friday, April 5. Auditions will be held on April 15 and 18.

The talent show will have a theme, but it is still being decided at the moment. Past themes include “High School Musical” and “The Hunger Games,” so we can infer that this year’s theme will be just as appealing.

The show is on May 10, 2019. Even if you aren’t going to participate, you can come watch!

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