7th and 8th graders are y’all ready for the spring semi-formal dance?!

Ellie Tovar, Reporter

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Seventh and eighth graders, are you all ready or what? The spring semi-formal dance will be May 3! It’s going to be the bomb. In my experience the dance last year (2017-2018) was great. It was fun and I got to see all my friends and the music was great. I got to take pictures with my friends and it was just amazing. We also went out to eat after the dance ended. It was a great night.

The theme this year will be masquerade. “You can wear you own masks to the dance, but they will not be provided,” stated Student Council Sponsor Mrs. Dana Davis. She also says girls should wear a semi-formal dress or pants outfit. The tickets will be sold at the door for $5.00 and no higher so you don’t have to wait for change.

Concessions, the drinks will be $1.00 and the candy will also be $1.00. If you want concessions bring dollar bills. There will also be a photo both and its $4.00 per person for each photo for example; groups, couples, bff’s, and individuals.

Come out May 3 from 7-9 p.m. in the RMS gym. It’s going to be great; come out and dance and have a great time with your friends. DRESS NICE!! SAVE THE DATE!

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