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RMS 8th Grade Gets Free Seating Every Day

Bumpkins, Reporter

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Recently, the Robertsville Middle School (RMS) eighth grade has received the privilege of sitting wherever they would like in the cafeteria every day of the week. Unlike they used to, they now have free seating every day rather than the old “only on Fridays” system. The students were very happy about this newfound change and have been handling this privilege surprisingly well.

Although the students love the change, do the teachers and lunch monitors feel differently about the switch? Dr. Kirk Renegar, the principal of RMS, thinks that “it has been really good. Our responsibility is to prepare the eighth graders for the high school.” If things continue to go well, the change may last all year for the eighth graders.

Renegar also says that the other grades won’t be able to have the privilege of free seating because “at this point in time the other grades have not shown the necessary requirements to have the privilege the 8th graders have.” This shows exactly why the eighth grade is the only grade to have the privilege. Although the 8th grade students have done well so far, it is not impossible for them to lose the privilege. If they do lose the privilege, they won’t have another chance to get it back.

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RMS 8th Grade Gets Free Seating Every Day