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New Peer Buddies Program Formed at RMS

Lauren Upham, Reporter

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Are you kind, patient, and sympathetic? These are the qualities that you are required to have if you’re interested in becoming a part of the peer buddies program. This involves working with children who have disabilities and helping them learn. Students who take part in this exciting and fun program come into the CDC classroom at least once a day to play and learn with students who are in the class. Participants may assist in math, activities, and entertainment.

“. . . It’s a good experience and it creates an opportunity for the students to feel more appreciated,” says 8th grade participant, Lily Yassu. If you are interested, a form is available in room 119.

In the classroom, there are several students who require assistance. As in all learning environments, a variety of unique interests and personalities is presented among the individuals. As a peer tutor, you may develop relationships and bonds with the children you assist. Along with the tutor-buddy bonds that are present, classmates who attend the CDC class have their own connections and friendships. Interaction between the students is strongly encouraged, whether it’s sharing an IPad or asking each other for a turn on the swing.

Usually, this environment requires a supportive and caring tone from the teachers. However, a more firm approach is sometimes needed to maintain structure. The teachers have all created a quality relationship with the students. As a peer tutor, it is important that you do this, as well. This connection with their teachers and with you as a peer will help the student reach their educational and emotional goals.

One important part of this program is respecting the privacy of the students. A confidentiality agreement will be on the form to apply, and it is important that you follow it. Personal information about the children should not be given out to other students or anybody outside of the school. These guidelines are in place to protect the students and their families.

If you decide to become a peer tutor, you will find yourself feeling challenged and rewarded. There will be times when you laugh and truly enjoy your time in the classroom. It is an impactful role that will benefit you and the children greatly. Overall, it is an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

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New Peer Buddies Program Formed at RMS