Drama Club Rebooted at RMS

Filipo B. Poppin, Reporter

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Recently, here at Robertsville Middle School, a new club has emerged. Called Drama Club, the new group hopes to focus on teaching how to act and make many skits by the end of the school year. Many people from all grades have already joined it. The club meets every Thursday in the orchestra room from 2:45-3:30 p.m.

Theadora Rhodehouse, a sixth grade student, pitched the idea for a drama club here in school to Dr. Renegar. When asked why she wanted to create the club, Theadora responded with, “I wanted to create the Drama Club because I wanted to have the chance to act and perform in middle school, instead of waiting till high school to act. There is a lot to learn about acting, like the tone of voice, action, movement, and memorizing lines, and it’s better to start now than when we’re older.”

Eventually, Ms. Amy Gonzales, the new RMS orchestra teacher, volunteered to become the club’s sponsor. Gonzales, who has worked with Masquers at ORHS, stated,“In Drama Club we are trying to introduce students to acting and theater. In club meetings we will be doing playing acting and improvisation games as well as learning about different parts of theater. We watch videos and practice our own skills through scenes and skits.”

When asked if she has plans for the club to perform this year, Gonzales stated, “I do! Our plan is to have something small this spring (since we haven’t had much time to prepare). Moving forward though we would like to have larger productions and more than one in the year!”

RMS has had drama club in the past, but the most recent production was in 2010. Various musicals have been performed at RMS including Annie, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, and Treasure Island.

The Drama Club is perfect for anyone wanting to get started into acting, and can lead to opportunities to join Masquers at Oak Ridge High School. It would be great practice for those who wish to turn it into a career in the future.




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