Subject of Hulu’s “Batman and Bill” Documentary Visits RMS

E. Taylor, Reporter

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On Thursday, November 8, 2018, Marc Tyler Nobleman came and spoke to the 5th and 6th graders.  Nobleman spoke about how involved the process of writing nonfiction books are, but everyone can write one.  Nobleman said quite frequently, “Research is hide and seek in the world.” By this he means that to research is to search for clues like you’re the seeker in hide and seek.  For example, he told two main stories.  One story, was a story about the creators of Superman and some mysteries unsolved.  The other story, was a story about the unknown co-creator of Batman, Bill Finger.

Nobleman’s Superman story explained the process of following clues about mysteries unknown until they’re found.  In his Superman story, Boys of Steel, he had to follow a series of clues to solve mysteries and create pictures identical to the real view.  The first mystery was the mystery of Jerry Siegel’s father, who Jerry never talked about.  He followed the trail to find out that his father had died of a heart attack after his story was robbed.  He also went to Jerry’s house, and, even though Jerry’s house had new owners, he was able to go in and get pictures of the window Jerry typed at.

Nobleman’s Batman story, Bill the Boy Wonder, tells of the person behind all the Batman comics, and it’s not Bob Kane.  The real person was Bill Finger, the person who created all the loved, and hated, characters and scenes in the Batman universe of Gotham City.  With the thought ‘history is everywhere,’ in Nobleman’s head he set off to find out the true story, which he did.  He found pictures of Bill, not a lot but enough, Bill’s personal items, and separated the truth from the lie.  Bob may have drawn the first Batman, but Bill made, Batman.

Nobleman’s quest to determine the true story of Batman’s origins is detailed in the documentary “Batman and Bill,” currently streaming on Hulu.

Nobleman loves to write, “This is our version of time travel.”  He encourages people to write, no matter what it is, and to play hide and seek to discover history.  This is the point that Nobleman wanted to get across, anyone can write and discover true facts, as long as they are willing to play a little game of hide and seek to discover the facts.

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