Poetry Club

Jocelyn Flores, Reporter

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Poetry club is an after school extra-curricular activity in Mrs. Carm0n’s classroom in the 8th grade hallway. The after school club runs on Thursdays from 7:00-7:30. In the after school club they watch or read over poems together, and then talk about what’s happening around them and in life and how they can express feelings through poetry or relate to what’s going on around you in real life. Her goal in poetry club is to inspire the participating students to go to the function at the civic center and read their poems to a public audience and get them out of their shells.

Mrs. Carmon’s full name is Rhea Carmon, and she actually has a poetry book out called Solar Flares and one coming out in January called Through the Clouds. Mrs. Carmen runs a business and says that she starts a poetry club at every school she goes to. She has a passion for poetry and participates at a poetry club at the Oak Ridge Civic Center; the next meeting is on January 11th. She has been writing and performing spoken word poetry and slam for 19 years, and goes by RheaSunshine on the cover of her books.

Poetry club seems like a very nice activity and Mrs. Carmen is a very talented writer. Be sure to check out her book coming out in January called “Through the Clouds” and her already published book “Solar Flares”, because I know I will.

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