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Eighth Grade Petitions for Free Seating in Cafeteria

Bumpkins, Reporter

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Robertsville has had assigned seats at lunch time for the four years that eighth grade students have been here, but for once the teachers of the school made a change and let the eighth grade students sit wherever they would like on Fridays.

This change was thanks to a student in the eighth grade (Connor Simper) who wrote a petition to let the students sit wherever they wanted in the lunchroom. Many students signed the petition in order to request that the change to be made.

RMS Principal Dr. Renegar decided to make a compromise and let free seating occur on Fridays, until the students show that they are capable and responsible enough to sit wherever they want every day. Although this change has not happened yet, students in the Robertsville eighth grade hope for that day to come.

Simper said that he wanted it because he thinks that lunch is the only time to get to talk to friends, so we should be able to sit with the people we will get along with.

The students in Robertsville have had a better time at school now, because they finally get to sit by their friends.

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Eighth Grade Petitions for Free Seating in Cafeteria