RMS New Band Director makes good impression

Peter Parker, Journalist

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Last year, RMS got a new band director, Elizabeth Reams. She came here from Gibbs High School in Knox County. Before that for fall and spring, 2016-2017, she worked at the Montessori Academy of Virginia. She also worked at Holston Middle School, which is in Knox County as well. Mr. Adams was lucky to hear of Ms. Reams and her talent. 

Anytime you get into band, chorus, orchestra, any of the arts, there is a lot of word of mouth, so I contacted people I know and ask them about music directors, and her name came up. She was clearly the most qualified. I think she’s doing a great job,” Adams said when asked about hiring Ms. Reams. Speaking of qualification, Ms. Reams is more than qualified. She has a bachelors in music education, k-12 minor music theory. Students in the band program also have a high opinion of her. 

The brass doesn’t get to see her that much because she is always working with woodwinds, but from what we have gotten to see she is very nice and is very fun and likes to have fun with us. She is nice to her students,” said Claudia Trabalka. Reams specializes in woodwind instruments such as clarinets saxophones and flutes, so she mostly spends time helping them. This is a good thing though because Mr. Spirko, the other band teacher, is a brass player so he helps the brass. Caleb Mullins, also, was questioned.

Mrs. Reams is a very nice person. She has been very nice also she is very hip with today’s culture. She has been a very good teacher so far, this year,” he said. Ms. Reams’ young attitude had been a plus to the enjoyment of her students. She has been caught telling jokes and singing songs with the students.

Another student John Gibson stated, I do think that Mrs. Reams is a great teacher that can be fun but stern at the same time. She knows a lot about band and can really teach us our topic. She is very nice to her students but you DO NOT WANT to get on her bad side because she can bench 145 and has shattered a block so I do not want to endanger my life by making her mad.” 

Obviously, Ms. Reams has made a big impact on her students. RMS is happy to have Elizabeth Reams as part of our Ram Fam. Hopefully she will be part of it for a long time. 

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