Author Visit a Rousing Success

Maggie Trabalka, Reporter

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On Tuesday October 20, 2015, author Adam Gidwitz came to RMS to visit all of the kids who had read his books. Any 5th – 8th graders had the privilege to come to the presentation and autograph party, getting their book signed from him. His witty personality lit up the whole auditorium and his humor made the crowd cheer and laugh.

The outstanding author got the presentation started by talking about the Grimm Brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm, and told how they went asking grandparents, nannies, and parents for fairy tales and collected them. With him he had his own copy of the Grimm stories. He talked about Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, etc. and he replied “ These stories are so sweet, and cute, and boring but, the Grimm Brothers tales were not sweet, and cute, and boring.” Then he told us one of the stories.

Gidwitz remarked that Snow White was one of his favorite stories. Before he told us the story, he explained to the students that this wasn’t the Disney version. This was the original version written by the Grimm Brothers and it was bloody. As he tells the kids the story, he put in some humorous material in parts of the story that brightened the student’s day. The students were sad that the presentation couldn’t have lasted longer.

Then the students got to ask Gidwitz questions. One student, also a fellow Rambler reporter, Savanna Williams asked,” What inspired you to become a writer?” He replied with a long answer and revealed that he had taught 2nd grade and had wrote one chapter of a book about ancient Egypt. Then one day, he read it to the kids in his classroom and they asked what happens in the next chapter. So he wrote another chapter at home and the next day the children asked what happened in the next chapter of the book. He decided to write a 100 page book, which turned into a 400 page book. Gidwitz gave the book to the publisher and she replied that it wasn’t very good. He was devastated, and then the next day, the school he had taught at asked if he could come there and be librarian for a day. He brought with him the Grimm stories and he read it to the children. A little girl in the classroom told Gidwitz, “You should make that into a book,” and that is precisely what he did. So, he wrote the book, sent it to his publisher, and she liked it. That is how Adam Gidwitz wrote his first book.

Another student asked, “What is it like to be a writer?” Gidwitz explained that the only thing you need to be a writer is imagination. “Imagination is like push-ups for the brain,” he said. Gidwitz indicated that his first book came out in 2010, but he wrote it in 2007. He also told the students that he is trying to turn his book into a movie and that he is writing a book about the Middle Ages. The reason Gidwitz did not narrate the audio book is because he recorded himself and sent it to his publisher and she didn’t like it.

Adam Gidwitz is a great author and a bright personality to be around. Look out for his next book The Empire Strikes Back: So You Want to be a Jedi!

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