Bathroom Problem

Sierra Scott, Reporter

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The bathrooms here at Robertsville have been a big issue for everyone. There have been some renovations for both boys and the girls’ bathrooms this year.

“There were no doors and they smelled really bad,” quotes a male 8th grader. “A girl needs a body mirror in the bathroom,” says one of Robertsville’s 8th grade girls.

Although some changes have been made, many students think more should happen. Some students want the bathrooms to be repainted as well. Boys, in particular, have said there are rarely paper towels in the restroom. Some of the sinks don’t work too. The ones that do work usually don’t have hot water though.

Mr. Lay is currently seeing if there is any money we can use for more renovations. “We have to work together to keep our bathrooms clean,” quotes Mr. Lay. He says the smell in the boys’ bathrooms can partially be avoided by trying to not do “gross” things in the restroom.

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