Patel Dishes on School Lunches

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Our school lunch is okay. The only problem we have is that we can’t have sodas. Most people like to drink soda. Everybody I talked to wished that the cafeteria could sell sodas. Another problem is that we can’t put drinks in our locker. We have to put drinks in our locker because we don’t want our food to get wet inside the lunch box or a paper bag and if it is cold, the paper bag would get wet. Water bottles are another problem. The problem is that we can’t bring the water bottles to our classrooms. If you get thirsty, then you have to drink water a couple of times. Without our water bottles in the classroom, you have to ask the teacher and sometimes they won’t let us go.

Another lunch problem is that why they have pizzas almost every day and not something new or something else. Everyone doesn’t want the same food everyday if they don’t like the other choices. Bobby Rogers also said that he would like new choices of food and drinks and he also asked why wheat foods are there every day. We can’t also bring soft drinks to the lunchroom. If it spill,s it doesn’t matter because it has no carpets and it won’t make a big mess. If the students don’t want to eat school lunch they bring it from home or get it from a restaurant and you the problem is that the school doesn’t allow to bring outside food to the cafeteria or in other words students and parents can’t bring outside food. Jack Borchers also said that he would like new kinds of food at the cafeteria. Matthew Owens also said that he would also like new kinds of food and drinks. If we had different variety kinds of food, then we would have a better lunch and a more people would buy more food from the cafeteria.

Coach Scott, 7th grade social studies teacher and cafeteria monitor, said that if they had more food options it would be nice. Coach Scott also said, “I am sure they try to get out a variety of meals and make it the best possible lunch they can. The meals are healthier than in the past, but I do wish some of the portions were bigger for the students.”

The principal, Mr. Lay, said, “We can’t have more food options because some are not healthy.”

By: Shan Patel

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