Eighth Grade Memories

Hannah Aybar, Reporter

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From the beginning of middle school to the end of middle school, many memories are made that will last a lifetime.  Robertsville Middle School allowed many to make a lot of new friends and learn more about the world. Some 8th graders were asked what memories they have cherished the most and some replies were:

“I liked singing for the talent show the most,” Tanner Brown said.

John Oliver stated that the, “Dollywood trip in 7th grade” was his favorite memory.

Another 8th grader, William Bangs replied with,”8th grade band night was the best memory.”

Some teachers have a real impact on students and some that have meant the most to the 8th graders include the following: Mrs. Helms, Mrs. Easterday, Mrs. Simmons, Mr. Williams, Mrs. Scott (7th grade), Coach Hinton, Mr. Scott, Mr. King, Mr. Williams, Coach Doss, Mr. Livesay, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Fox, Coach Birdwell, Coach Spratling, Mrs. Jeter, Mrs. Kinder, Mrs. Bowman, Mr. Wessel, and Mrs. Stevens.

Throughout the 4 years that they have experienced at RMS, the 8th grade have learned many lessons. Some of the many are:

“Respect the teachers.”

“Try your hardest.”

“Stay positive.”

“Be organized.”

And finally,“You can always trust your teachers with anything you tell them.”

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