Trabalka Looks to the Future

Savanna R., Reporter

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[Editor’s Note: Kate Trabalka served as a mentor to the Rambler staff from 8/16-12/16 as part of the ORHS YLDCIP program. Students interviewed her to write a sample profile. The best articles are posted on the Rambler site.]


Throughout life, you achieve many different things and discover new parts of yourself, as is the case with Kate Trabalka that is currently a senior at Oak Ridge High School. Trabalka is extremely passionate about dance and keeps and straight A average. She is heading into college next year, majoring in Journalism and minoring in dance.
Trabalka realized that she wanted to be a journalist when she was taking journalism in 8th grade. She stated, “We had this one assignment, we had to rearrange or paraphrase an article that someone from the Oak Ridger wrote, and then Mrs. Kinder would put it in the Rambler, and mine ended up getting picked…a couple weeks later the guy that wrote the article came and did a presentation for our class. He complimented me and I was really flattered and surprised. He came in and he said that ‘it was better than the one I wrote’. I felt honored. I realized that it was a career that I would really like to do.”
Including both dance and school, some of her most achievable moments are when she received a 97% and 100% on a crucial English assignment called Major Author. Also she is the secretary for National Honor Society, and she is now teaching her own classes for her Dance Academy, the Oak Ridge Academy of Dance.
Trabalka is very close to her family and they have many game nights. She encourages her younger sister, who is in her first year of high school, to do her best in school and to get help from teachers when needed.
Kate Trabalka has done many different things and made many achievements so far in her life and many more will come.
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