Coach Doss Missing in Action!

Donovan Peterson, Reporter

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During the last nine-weeks the eighth grade teacher, Coach Doss, was out for heart surgery. The reason of his absence was a Blocked Coronary Artery and they needed to physically open him up and get to the brown area in the blue circle; the brown speck was a blockage that restricted blood flow to the heart.

At the time when he was told, he thought it was scary, and when interviewed Coach Doss responded, “as a Christian, I was Broken, but not crushed,” at this point he had the belief in God, that he would pull through.

When interviewing Mr. Adams, he told us, that the surgery was necessary and tough, for both Coach and Him, they have each known each other for over a decade.

At the surgery, doctors had to go in and remove the blockage. While out he had spent 4-5 weeks MIA, starting September 5th to after Fall-Break. When finished with his surgery, Coach was left to where he had to deal with a sore and aching body with gradually drifted off to a dull ache, and now a memory.


This is an image of what the heart would look like.

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