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Coach Birdwell Joins RMS Staff

Ally Spraker, Reporter

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As we head back to school there are new clothes, supplies, students, and new teachers. Some would like some information about the new teachers that we don’t always get on the first day of school. Like Coach Dyron Birdwell the new 6th grade language arts teacher. As some students may or may not know Coach Birdwell helped Ms. Scott, 7th grade language arts teacher, last year and was a substitute the second half of the year.  He is adored by many of his former and new students. For one,” He makes learning fun,” says Emily Cantrell. Also as Garret Cantrell says,” He is a Tennessee fan and he doesn’t give much homework.”

As Devean Littlejohn said,” He is the best teacher at RMS,” but he is very interesting teacher. He loves teaching because he likes having his own classroom, but he misses seeing everyone all the time and he says,” He loves it even though there is a lot more work and it’s very challenging.” He wanted to teach at RMS because he loves the students, teaching staff, and working in the Oak Ridge Schools. Coach Birdwell says that if he was not teaching he would like to be coaching college basketball somewhere like the University of Tennessee. Students love the way he teaches though. Tommy Marascia says that if there was one thing about Birdwell he could change it would be “nothing because there are encouraging posters, reminding posters, and he is really good with helping his students.” With all the new things happening in a new school year it’s great to know what the teachers are about

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Coach Birdwell Joins RMS Staff