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Eighth Grade Memories

Hannah Aybar, Reporter

June 6, 2017

From the beginning of middle school to the end of middle school, many memories are made that will last a lifetime.  Robertsville Middle School allowed many to make a lot of new friends and learn more about the world. Some 8th graders we...

Trabalka Looks to the Future

Savanna R., Reporter

February 2, 2017

[Editor’s Note: Kate Trabalka served as a mentor to the Rambler staff from 8/16-12/16 as part of the ORHS YLDCIP program. Students interviewed her to write a sample profile. The best articles are posted on the Rambler site.]   ...

Trabalka Excels at ORHS

Trabalka Excels at ORHS

January 3, 2017

Coach Doss Missing in Action!

Donovan Peterson, Reporter

January 3, 2017

During the last nine-weeks the eighth grade teacher, Coach Doss, was out for heart surgery. The reason of his absence was a Blocked Coronary Artery and they needed to physically open him up and get to the brown area in the blue...

Davis Joins RMS Staff

Davis Joins RMS Staff

January 3, 2017

News website run by students

J. Hardy, Reporter

January 3, 2017

The Rambler site is a site for teachers and Robertsville journalists to report what has been going around in Robertsville Middle School and what has going on in Anderson County that is related to Robertsville. The Rambler staff...

RMS Principals Agree to Ice Bucket Challenge

M.S., Reporter

November 11, 2014

“If it raises money for a good cause, I will do it”, said Mr. Lay, principal of Robertsville Middle School. Mr.Lay, Mr. Adams, and sports teams here at Robertsville all did the ice bucket challenge. The ice bucket challenge...

Coach Birdwell Joins RMS Staff

Ally Spraker, Reporter

November 11, 2014

As we head back to school there are new clothes, supplies, students, and new teachers. Some would like some information about the new teachers that we don’t always get on the first day of school. Like Coach Dyron Birdwell the...

Field Trips

Cassie King, Reporter

April 22, 2014

Although we don’t have a set number for field trips it seems as if we never go on them. Typically each grade level gets one or two field trips per year. “We have had to be more creative in how we schedule field trips. With...

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