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Hobby is welcomed to RMS

Lauren Schenk, Reporter

September 21, 2015

When Mr. Adams was promoted, a new vice principal was hired, Mr. D.T Hobby. Last year Hobby was principal of Secret City Academy and now this will be his second year of administration in schools. Before working in administration,...

Level 3 School at Robertsville Middle School By Ella Stewart

Ella Stewart, Reporter

September 21, 2015

When we came back to school this year Mr. Lay said that we were a "Level 3" school. Most of us did not know what that meant so we didn’t even care about that. Being a Level 3 school means that we did better on the TCAP than...

Lady Rams defeat Jefferson

Bailey Williams, Reporter

September 21, 2015

On Wednesday, September 9 the Lady Rams volleyball team set out to beat the Lady Eagles and succeeded. Both the varsity, and junior varsity beat the Eagles. Although the varsity won both sets, junior varsity went to three sets!...

New “Ram Time” Period Added to the School Day

Savanna Williams, Reporter

September 18, 2015

With the new school year of 2015-2016, came a new period. This extra class would soon be called The Enrichment Period, also known as Ram Time. Ram Time is a mini-period between 2nd and 3rd period, which was made for students ...

Devices Coming Soon to Robertsville Middle School

Isabella Kelly, Reporter

September 17, 2015

The question of devices at Robertsville Middle School has been a hot topic recently. Robertsville students are soon to be getting tablets to use in class this year. Principal Garfield Adams said, “It’s like a textbook .Instead...

Dress Code Debated

Megan Henley, Reporter

September 15, 2015

The dress code here at RMS is a big deal to a lot of students and especially the girls. The Rambler Staff had the opportunity to interview Mr. Adams and ask him his thoughts on this situation. Adams proved very valid points a...

Should the Fifth Grade Restrooms Be Renovated?

Maggie Trabalka, Reporter

September 14, 2015

Many students seem to be complaining about the 5th grade/ lobby bathrooms next to the gym, and many people are wondering if we should improve them. I had the chance of interviewing many of the students at Robertsville as well...

Meet the new RMS family member, Mr.Carr

Savannah Guy, Reporter

September 14, 2015

When we go back to school we see new clothes, new lockers, new classes, and new faces. Some of the new faces are teachers and one of them is Mr. Tyler Carr. Carr is the new 8th grade inclusion teacher, and he is excited to be...

Kidwell Joins RMS Sixth Grade Team

Maggie Trabalka, Reporter

September 14, 2015

New teacher, Mariah Kidwell, joins the 6th grade staff, and she is ready to continue the journey from good to great. Alongside her associates, she is very joyous and excited to work with all the wonderful students and teachers...

Pull Forward

Lexie Carroll, Reporter

September 14, 2015

The morning drop off line at Robertsville has caused major problems for many students. Many parents overlook that you are supposed to pull up all the way to the sign when dropping off their child(ren), and this has made an impact...

Lauren Schenk

Lauren Schenk

September 14, 2015

Adams Named RMS Principal

Adams Named RMS Principal

September 8, 2015

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